Simplify Your Business with Automations

Business automation is a must have for a modern event business. Automations allow you to automatically follow-through on tasks that you would normally do by hand.

Releventful provides a number of ways for you to automate your business and reduce the manual effort by you and your employees.

  • Lead form automation – add a lead form to your website to automatically submit the leads into Releventful.

  • Portal Templates – automatically send forms, request song selection, and create assignable To-Dos for both your clients and your employees.

  • Email Campaigns – automatically kick off email campaigns for your leads to follow-up, retain, and re-engage them for higher sales conversions rates.

💡Pro-tip: use email campaigns to upsell your products and services to increase revenue.

Lead Form Automation

Portal Templates

Portal templates are used to automatically create your client / vendor portal for every type of event your business services.

With portal templates you can create

  • Assignable To-Dos

  • Scheduled Client Emails (emails that are scheduled to be sent to your client at a specific day & time)

  • Scheduled Employee Emails (emails that are scheduled to be sent to your employees at a specific day & time)

Assignable To-Dos

To-Dos are a very versatile way to

  • Create a To-Do for your client or employee

  • Request information from your client via a form / questionnaire

  • Request song selection from your client (DJ Add-On Only)

All To-Dos have built in email reminders that can be set-up to automatically email your employee or client about the item they need to complete.

Learn how to create an assignable To-Do

Scheduled Client Messages

Scheduled client messages are a way to automatically schedule emails that are a part of your day-to-day interactions with your client.

With scheduled client message you can

  • Welcome to them to their event

  • Give them information about your business and upcoming steps with your company

  • Request reviews after the event is done

  • And much more!

Learn how to create a scheduled client message

Scheduled Employee Messages

Scheduled employee messages are a way to automatically schedule emails that are a part of your day-to-day business operations.

With scheduled employee messages you can

  • Remind them about check points in the event (this can also be set up as an assignable To-Do)

  • Remind them to do certain tasks

  • Automatically kick off emails to request information

  • And much more!

Learn how to create a scheduled employee message

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a powerful tool used in the sales process to automatically send emails to new leads based on where they are in the sales process.

Email campaigns can be used to

  • Automatically follow up with a lead after they submit an inquiry from your website.

Learn how to set up your website lead form

  • Automatically send engagement emails to try to engage your customer if you haven’t heard from them.

  • Automatically send thank you or any type of follow-up email as you move through the sales process.

Learn how to create an email campaign

Adding a New Event Type

If you do not see the event type you would like to create a To-Do for

  1. Add a new type by clicking the Add button at the end of the event type list.

2. In New Event Type, type in the name of the type of event you would like to add

3. Click Save

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