Create a Scheduled Employee Message

To create a scheduled employee email

  1. Click Templates in the side navigation

  2. Click Portal Templates

  3. Click on the Event Type tab to create a Scheduled Employee Email for that type of event.

💡Pro Tip: don’t see the type of event you need? Add a new event type to your account.

4. Under Scheduled Employee Messages, click Add (icon shown above)

Editing a Scheduled Employee Message Template

  1. Under Portal Template Name, give this template a name so you can find it easily.

ℹ️ Note: the name will not be visible to your employee

2. Add a new Scheduled Employee Message to this template by clicking Add Template

Scheduled Employee Message Settings

Email Reminders

If you want to disable this email from being sent out you can turn it off. To turn the scheduled message off

  1. Click the email button and choose Turn Email Reminders Off.

Adding the Email Subject and Body

To add an existing email template, click Choose Existing Template, otherwise, you can type in your subject into Email Subject and your body into Email Body.

Scheduling an Email

Releventful’s email scheduling gives you the power to send the email reminder out exactly when it needs to be.

To choose when the emails should be sent

  1. Click the menu button next to Scheduled Email

  2. Click Change Email Schedule

Building Your Email Reminder Date

The email reminder date can be ON, BEFORE, or AFTER a specific date that is set and it can also be ON, BEFORE, or AFTER an event status that has been set on the event.

Example 1:

I would like the email to be sent 30 days BEFORE the Event Start Date.

Example 2:

I would like the email to be sent ON the Automation Start Date (immediately).

Setting the Email Reminder Date

Step 1: Click Not Set to choose your schedule trigger

Step 2: Choose a Schedule Trigger

In the Select a Schedule Trigger dropdown, choose Default to choose a date-based trigger or Event Status to choose an event status-based trigger.

Step 3: Choose a Reminder Day

In the Choose a Reminder Day dropdown, choose the day that you would like the scheduled email reminder date to be based off of.

Default Triggers

  • Event Start Date – this is the date you’ve set in the event start date field of the event

  • Event End Date – this is the date you’ve set in the event end date field of the event

  • Pipeline Close Date – this is the date you’ve set for the pipeline close date of the Sales Pipeline details of the event.

  • Automation Start Date (most commonly used) – this option is the most commonly used option; it represents the date and time when this Scheduled Employee Message template is added to the event.

Event Status Triggers

All of the event status values that you have added to your account will display here.

Add more event statuses to your account

Step 4: Add any Additional Triggers

If you have additional date or event status conditions you would like to add to the email trigger, click the Add button under Additional Trigger Conditions.

ℹ️ Note: if the Add button is disabled, click Done to save your trigger and fix any errors first.

Step 5: Click Done to finalize your selections

Step 6: In the Choose When dropdown, select When you would like the email to be sent

Step 7: If your selection for Step 6 is BEFORE or AFTER, then you can choose the number of days BEFORE or AFTER the trigger.

Setting the Email Reminder Time

Check the box next to Send Immediately to send the email right away.

To send the email at a specific time, uncheck the box next to Send Immediately and choose a time.

Testing Your Email

To see what your email will look like, click Send Test Email in the bottom of the Scheduled Employee Message Template edit window.

Save Your Edits

To save your Scheduled Employee Message template and all of your edits, click Save in the bottom of the Scheduled Employee Message template editor window.

Turning on Scheduled Employee Message Template

Turning the scheduled employee message template on will automatically add the scheduled employee message template to the portal when the event is booked.

To turn on the portal template by clicking the toggle button at the top of the Portal Template edit screen.

When the portal template is off

When the portal template is on

You can change when the scheduled employee template is added to the event by changing the event booking default. To change the event booking default, click the portal settings button (icon shown above) and then click Change portal template defaults

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