Add an Employee to Your Account

To add an employee to your account

  1. Click on the settings icon in the side navigation (icon shown above)

  2. Click on Employees, then Manage Employees

  3. Click the Create Employee button

  4. Fill out all the employees’ first name, last name and email address, etc.

  5. Grant your employee user roles to ensure they have the correct level of access.

See Employee User Roles for more details

6. Grant administrator access. If you want your employee to be given admin access to Releventful, choose Admin, otherwise choose Employee.

7. Give your employee an initial password

8. Type in a personal Welcome Message

8. Click Create to create the employee & send a welcome email or Create & Add to send a welcome email and then create another employee.

âť—Reminder: Do not forget to send your employee their password!

Employee User Roles

Releventful supports 8 user roles to give you control over what your employees have access to in their account.

  1. Contractor

  2. Event

  3. Invoice

  4. Sales

  5. Calendar Only (Scheduling Add-On Only)

  6. Scheduling Role (Scheduling Add-On Only)

  7. Admin

  8. Account Owner

Adding a user role to an employee

To add a role to the employee start typing the role name in the User Roles text area and click on the Role to select it.

Removing a user role from an employee

To remove a user role from an employee, click on the X on the added user role to remove it, then Save your changes.

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