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Training Tutorials

Releventful Overview & Account Settings

Configure your account details, business brands and calendar settings.

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Design Your Business Process & Offerings

Build out your offerings, proposal template, and automate your business!

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Manage Your Events & Leads

Learn how to utilize the sales pipeline to manage your leads and create and manage events for your clients.

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Invoicing and The Client & Vendor Portal

Learn how to invoice your clients and use all of the features of the Client & Vendor Portal.

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All About Payments

Learn how to use connect a payment processor, create payment schedules, and receive and record payments.

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Releventful for DJs, Musicians, & Music Enthusiasts

Everything you need to run your DJ song selection process and manage your event.

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Releventful For Your Team

Learn how to schedule employees for events, send notifications, and schedule time off.

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Reporting in Releventful

Learn how to use built-in reports and create your own custom reports.

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The Mobile App

Learn how to navigate within the mobile app to make life easier for you and your clients.

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Tutorial & Support Resource Library

Browse our entire video resource library and review our support resources.

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What's New

Releventful's latest release notes and history.

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Releventful in the News

Where is Releventful? Come see us!

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