Creating Payment Schedules

Learn how to customize how you want to receive payment

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Create a Payment Schedule

In Releventful you can create a custom payment schedule, or you can create multiple payment schedules and apply certain ones to different event types.

To create a Payment Schedule

  1. Click on Templates (see icon above) in the side navigation, then choose Payment Schedules.

  2. Click Add Payment Schedule in the top left

  3. Select an initial schedule from our Quickstart Menu options (you can modify these later)

  4. Check the checkbox under I also require a deposit from my clients if you would like to collect a deposit, and set the percentage or flat rate amount

  5. Click Create Schedule

Payment Schedule On/Off and Event Type

Turning on payment schedules will automatically apply this payment schedule to all newly created invoices. To turn on the payment schedule,

  • Click on Templates in the side navigation bar, then Portal Templates

  • Click on the Event Type button along the top to edit that template

  • Under Step 2: Booking Your Leads, click on the Edit Pencil icon to activate and turn on the payment schedule.

Payment Schedule Name

Enter a payment schedule name for ease of use.

Connected Payment Processor

The connected payment processor will display here. Click the More Options icon to use a Custom Payment Link and direct your client to a payment portal of your choice.

Convenience Fee Amounts

The percentage amount you would like to pass on to your client. As an example, to pass on 2.95%, type 2.95 into the text field.

Credit Card Convenience Fee Amount

Enter the Convenience fee amount you would like to be applied to your clients Credit Card payments.

ACH Convenience Fee Amount (Supported for Stripe Payments Only)

Enter the Convenience fee amount you would like to be applied to your clients ACH bank draft payments.

ℹ️ Note: ACH convenience fees are not supported when Stripe Payment Management is active. Due to the nature of Stripe payment management and you being able to provide a wider variety of payment options to your customer, Releventful will use the convenience fee you set in the Credit Card Convenience Fee Amount of your payment schedule to apply to ALL payments made.

Convenience Fee Label

The name of the Fee as it will display on the invoice

Payment Method

Choose whether to limit your payment method for this schedule to either Credit Card or ACH/Bank Draft. Or leave it bank to allow your client to choose.

Stripe Payment Management

Stripe's world class payment platform gives you access to over 30 different types of payments. If you would like to go beyond just credit card and ACH bank draft payments and offer a wider variety of payments like buy now and pay later options, turn this setting on.


Adjust the individual notification by clicking into a payment and editing the email subject, email body, notification type (Email or SMS), notification date, and payment due date.

Allow a Client to Add a Tip

If you would like your client to be able to add a tip click into the payment and turn on the Allow Tips setting.

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