Areas of the Portal

Event Details

Host your event with personalized style and professional appeal.

Customize the portal design with an image of your business or one customized for your event or choose from one of our themed images.

Pay & E-Sign

When an invoice has been added to the event the Pay & E-Sign link becomes active.

Learn how to create your first invoice


Keep track of all email communication not only with your client but also with your vendors and friends of the client who may need access to the event.

Learn more about event messaging


Here you can engage your customer in a whole array of activities. Things like

  • General reminders and guidance through your event process

  • Filling out forms / questionnaires

  • Client song selections (DJ Add-On Only)

Learn how to create a portal To-Do


Our timeline editor is created specifically for the event industry. Create your timeline in seconds and quickly edit and make changes based on client discussions.

Learn how to create your event timeline


Manage your clients, vendors & contacts as well as permission your employees for portal access.

Learn how to manage the portal contacts


Add documents for your client or for your team. The documents are sharable so you can share it with only those who need to see it.

Learn how to add & share documents

Invoice Status & Action Buttons

Invoice Indicator

The invoice indicator allows you to quickly add an invoice to the event if one is not there or navigate to any invoices that have been added to the event.

Contract Signed Indicator

The contract signed indicator will appear if the contract has been signed. Click on the button to go to the invoice.

Payment Status Indicator

Hover over the payment status indicator (desktop only) to view the payment status (payments pending, paid in full, etc.). Click on the button to go to the invoice.

Edit Event Details

Click the button to go to manage the event details, contacts, invoices, scheduling (Employee Scheduling Add-On Only) and the sales pipeline.

Other Settings

Click to manage the event email settings.

View Event as Guest

If you would like to view the event as a guest, click the View Event as Guest button (icon shown above)

Logging in as your client

Viewing the event as a guest is not the same as logging in as your client. If you could like to log in as your client

  1. Click Contacts in the portal

  2. Click Manage Contacts

3. Next to your client, click the menu button (icon shown above)

4. Click Log in as Client

Calendar Quick View

You can quickly navigate to other events on the calendar from any portal by clicking the Open Event Calendar button (icon shown above)

Click on any event in the calendar to go to the portal for that event.

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