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Using the Mobile App
Using the Mobile App

Learn how to navigate within the mobile app to make life easier for you and your clients

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Installing Releventful's Mobile App

Download Releventful's mobile app by following the below links:

User Login

To login, enter the email address associated with your Releventful account and click Continue.

For Clients: Upon clicking Continue, you will be notified to check your email for your event login link. Using your phone to access your email, click the login link on your phone to be automatically logged into the portal on the app.

For Business Users: Once you enter your email and click Continue, proceed to enter your Releventful password. Check Remember Me while entering your password to facilitate quicker logins.

After logging in, a client will be taken to their respective event. But a business user will be taken to a page to select which event they want to access.

Home Screen

On the Home screen, the top menu bar will display Home to show which page is in view, as well as Contacts and Settings in the top right.

  • Contacts - Displays the event contacts with the ability to call (phone icon) or email (mail icon) directly from the app

  • Settings - Includes choosing whether you want to be emailed updates for this event as well as the ability to Logout

If Payments are outstanding, the client will be prompted to Pay Now above their event details.

Quickly view the event details by clicking Details to view the event location, date & time, and click the map to get directions.

Business users can choose to:

Switch Event - Click to navigate to a different event

Edit Event - Edit the current event and be taken to the login screen to load Releventful's web-application inside the app.

To-Dos & Timeline - Users can quickly view any outstanding To-Dos assigned to them from the Home screen and toggle to the Timeline to view and manage the event timeline.

Use the buttons at the bottom to navigate between Home, Pay & Sign, Messages and Documents.


Click View All to view the To-Dos associated with your event. To-Dos will display a paper and pencil icon if a Form is attached. Live Song Selection will display "Go Live." And completed To-Dos will be marked with a green checkbox. You may also print the list of To-Dos to a PDF.

Switch Events

Business users can navigate to a different event by clicking Switch Event on the event Home screen. In the Change Event listing, the current event will be highlighted. Filter the listing by selecting specific month from the drop-down button (or select Today to be taken to the current month). Select Open beside the event you wish to view and the dashboard of the event will changed to the selected event.


Click the Contacts icon in the top right to access a list of event contacts with search, call & email options. At the bottom, click on “Add Contact” to enter details of new contact details. Update both the Individual and Business contact details accordingly.

After adding all the relevant information, click Save.


Click Messages in the bottom navigation to view sent and received message threads. Search messages using keywords, or click New Message to start a new thread. Click Drafts in the top right to view unsent saved messages.

ℹ️ Note: Unread notifications are highlighted and marked (see image below)

Click into a message thread to view Attachments or respond. After clicking into a message thread, start typing at the bottom to respond in free form, or click the Load Template button (paragraph icon) to load a templated email. You can edit this message if needed, add the recipients, and click Send.

Click Message send details at the bottom of a message thread to view send dates, times, and whether a message has been seen by your client.


Click Manage Timeline from the event Home screen to be taken into the editor. From here you can add timeline events, reorder by clicking the direction icon, edit, or delete. You can also add timeline items from a saved template by clicking + Add Template.

Pay & Sign

Your client can select Open to be redirected to the web-application payment screen within the mobile app where they can sign the contract and make payment.


Navigate to the event documents by clicking Documents at the bottom of the Home screen. From here, you can download any document by clicking the down arrow icon. To share a document, click the up arrow icon and toggle off and on a particular contact's viewing permissions. Select + Add Document at the bottom to upload a document from your phone. To delete the document, simply swipe to the left.

Personalizing Your Portal

You can personalize your portal by uploading an image for your event. To change the image, on the Home screen tap Manage Event, then Change Event Image.

Note: If you do not see Manage Event your do not have access to change the event image.

Settings & Logout

Select Settings in the top right corner of the event to choose whether you want to be emailed updates for this event as well as the ability to Logout.

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