The business brand set up is for you to add information about your business that will be used for proposals, invoices, contracts and display preferences for the event portal.

To set up your business brand, complete the following:

  1. Fill out your business brand info. (Name, address, phone, etc.)

  2. Add your business logo. Click on "Choose File" and select your logo from files on your computer.

  3. Upload a personal branded image. Click "Choose File" to upload your event portal branded image.

This image is an additional image you can use to customize the event experience in Releventful for your client.

ℹ️ Note: We recommend image dimensions of 1200px x 300px at 72 dpi.

4. Customize your brand colors.

Choose the colors that represent your business brand. These colors will be used in the invoice header.

5. Click on the blank line next to Header Color and Header Text Color to set your custom colors.

Select a color or type a RGBA color code associated with your brand color into the line as shown below.

💡Tip: Try not to choose colors that clash or appear hard to read.

For example: If the background color is light green, black text reads better than white because it contrasts the background.

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