Nov 15, 2022 - Funktastic Chats Podcast | How Releventful CRM Filled the Gap in the Event Industry

Listen as Mike and Daniel chat about Releventful

Topics Include:

  • How Releventful filled the gap in the Event Industry

  • How Releventful became the first “All In One” platform for TEAMS to collaborate, compared to others like 17hats, Dubasdo, etc. meant for solopreneurs.

  • How Releventful helps leads not get lost in the shuffle with sales campaigns and 2 way SMS texting.

  • Why you might be paying too much in processing fees from other CRMs.

  • How Releventful was born by blending a unique set of project management and communication tools.

  • Learn about Releventful’s app that released last month and how it elevates the client experience.

  • How their DJ add-on & Song Selection features that will allow guests to request songs on the spot at their event through the app, build playlists, and more!

November 2, 2022 - Releventful DJ's Vault Webinar

We had a live demo on the The DJs Vault with DJs Vault founder Joe Bunn where we demonstrated Releventful's all-in-one platform that can help DJs unify their business tools. Releventful offers a full business, event, and employee management suite and a full suite of song selection tools that is available in our mobile planning app.

Missed the demo? Sign up for a free live demo here.

Sept 1, 2022 - See You at PBX and MEX 2023!

We're going to the Photo Booth Expo | Mobile Entertainment Expo 2023! If you're going, let us know - we'd love to catch up with you.

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