Creating Your Lead

To create a lead

  1. Click on the add button (image above) in the side navigation

  2. Click New Lead

  3. Fill in the lead's first name, last name, and email as well as any additional information you would like to capture

    ℹ️ Note: if you do not see the field you're looking for click Show All Fields at the bottom of the lead form to see additional fields for your lead.

  4. Click Save to save your lead

You will immediately be presented with an option to create an un-booked event for the lead. Continue creating the event if any of the following is applicable.

  • You would like to start an email campaign with the lead

  • You would like to send a proposal, contract, or invoice to the lead

  • You would like to give the lead access to the portal

To create your event, fill out the details about your event and click Create Event.

💡Pro Tip: After the event is created, you are taken to the event edit screen. In the event edit screen you will have access to edit the main details of the event. If you’re done editing, click Done in the top navigation bar to return to the lead. Otherwise, the following tabs are available to you, click on them to edit

  • Event Info - edit the main event information

  • Event Contacts - add additional clients, event contacts, or employees to the event

  • Invoices - manage invoice and view payments

  • Scheduling - schedule your employees for this event

Next Steps for Your Lead

Start a Sales Campaign with Your Lead

Create a Proposal, Contract, or Invoice

Managing Your Lead's Portal

Managing Your Lead in the Sales Process

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