You work hard to get your leads, so it's critical to make sure you keep track of conversations you have with them, agreements made, and follow up in a timely manner. This article will show you all of the valuable tools you have in Releventful to keep track of all this and more.

ℹ️ Note: If you're working on creating a lead, here's our step-by-step guide to show you how to create your lead in Releventful.

Step 1: Open the Lead Edit Screen

To open the lead edit screen

  1. Click on contacts (button shown above) in the side navigation

  2. Click on Leads in the Filter By section

  3. Click on the lead you would like to edit.

Step 2: Manage Lead Records

Lead records are a way for you to record any important phone conversations, text messages, emails, or any other important details that you don't want to forget.

To create a record

  1. Click on Records

  2. Click on Add Record

  3. Choose the kind of record you're creating and fill out all of the details

  4. Click Save to save your record

Create a To-Do Reminder for Yourself

If you have something important coming up with the lead like a phone call, meeting or simply need to be reminded to do something, you can create a To-Do reminder for yourself in Releventful.

ℹ️ Note: this reminder is for you, not for the client.

To create a To-Do reminder for yourself

  1. Click on Records

  2. Click on Add Record

  3. Choose To-Do as the kind of record you're creating

  4. Fill out the title, description, when it is due by and when you want the email reminder to be sent

  5. Click Save to save your To-Do and we'll remind you!

Step 3: Manage Lead Documents

There may be times when you have additional documentation for your lead that you want to keep track of. You can add it in the Documents section of the Lead Edit screen.

ℹ️ Note: Documents added here are for record keeping only and cannot be shared with your client. If you're needing to share a document with your client, this can be done in their portal. See Sharing a Documents in the Portal.

To add a document

  1. Click Documents

  2. Click Add Document

Step 4: Manage Sales Campaigns

Sales campaigns are a very important part of your sales process. They improve your messaging consistency and make it easier to determine what brings success to converting your leads to booked clients.

Learn about starting a sales campaign for your lead

Did you know that Releventful supports SMS Campaigns? Learn about our SMS Messaging Platform

Step 5: Creating Appointments

You can schedule a meeting or record an appointment with your lead that will also show up on your event calendar in the Appointments section of the Lead Edit Screen.

ℹ️ Note: Appointments can also be added directly from the business calendar by clicking the Add button in the top left corner of the business calendar screen.

To access the business calendar, click the calendar button in the side navigation.

To add an appointment

  1. Click Appointments

  2. Click Add Appointment

  3. Choose a meeting Type.

    If you would like a meeting request to be sent to your lead or anyone else who needs to attend, choose Meeting as the type. Otherwise, choose the type that best fits the type of appointment you would like to record.

Adding Meeting Attendees

If you are scheduling a meeting, under Add Attendees start typing to find any contact or employee you have in the system or simply type in the email address of any additional person you would like to attend the meeting. A meeting request will automatically be sent to them.

Cancelling a meeting

If you need to cancel the meeting, simply open the meeting by clicking on it in the Appointments section of the Lead Edit screen and click on Cancel Appointment at the bottom right corner of the appointment screen.

Viewing Lead Insights

Releventful captures important information about your lead activity. You will see this under Lead Insights.

Changing Your Leads Information

To change your leads email address, phone number or any other details, click on the edit button (icon shown above).

Converting Your Lead to a Client

Your lead will be converted to a client automatically when the event is set as Booked. You can also convert the lead to a booked client at any time, by

  1. Clicking on the edit button (icon shown above) to edit the lead

  2. Click on Convert to Client in the upper right hand corner of the lead's information

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