Step 1: Create an Invoice

Have an event, but need to add an invoice to it?

To add an invoice to your event

  1. If you’re in the portal, click on the Edit button to go to the event edit screen

2. Click on Invoices

3. Click Add Invoice

Don’t need an event & need to send out an invoice?

To add an invoice without an event

  1. Click Add in the side navigation

2. Click New Invoice

Step 2: Choose Your Options

Screen 1: Where would you like to start?

  1. Click Select under Proposal if you would like to send a proposal or estimate of services

  2. Click Select under Invoice if you would like to send an invoice to your customer for services

Screen 2: What kind of proposal would you like? (Displays if you selected Proposal in screen 1)

  1. Click Select under Line-Item Proposal if you would like to create a proposal that lists out your services and fees in rows.

  2. Click Choose a Template under Use a Proposal Template if you would like to use a proposal template you have created.

See Designing Proposal Templates to learn how to create a proposal template.

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