Adding a Contract to an Invoice

To add a contract to an invoice

  1. In the Invoice Home, click Manage the contract for this invoice to go to the Contract management page.

  2. Click Create Contract

  3. If you have created a contract template click Choose Template to use your template for the invoice.

Showing the Contract in the Invoice Preview

To display the Contract tab on the invoice preview, make sure Show Contract is enabled in the invoice settings.

Adding a Counter-Signer

If you would like to add a counter-signer from your business, type in the name of the employee under Business Counter-Signer and click on their name to add them. The E-Signature section will display for them to sign.

Changing the Event Status After the Client Signs

If you would like to change the event status after your client signs, under Signing Status, choose the desired event status in the Event Status dropdown menu.

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