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Reissue a Processing Payment Request
Reissue a Processing Payment Request
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If your client has a payment request that is processing and needs to be reissued, you will need to edit the existing payment request in order to reissue the request to the client for processing. Follow the steps outlined below to update the existing payment request and reissue a new request within Releventful.

1. Navigate to the existing event invoice.

2. Select the payment tile from the quick-close invoice screen:

3. Open the payment request that needs to be reissued by selecting the line item from the payment list.

4. Scroll down to the "Payment Status" field and change this from "Processing" to "Not Paid."

5. Review the payment request details in the pop-up window to ensure all details are correct. Select "Save" at the bottom of the window to reissue the payment request to the client.

The client can now access their portal and invoice to proceed to pay via this payment request.

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