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Setting up ACH/Bank Draft Payments in Releventful
Setting up ACH/Bank Draft Payments in Releventful

Learn how to set up ACH/bank draft payments in Releventful.

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โ—Important: if you want to be able to automatically present payment options to your client using Stripe's payment technology, see Setting up Stripe Payment Management.

Setting Up ACH/Bank Draft Payments

Our ACH/Bank Draft payments are auto-pay enabled. Learn more about enabling auto-pay for payments.

To set up your payment as an ACH/Bank Draft payment

  1. Click on the payment in the invoice to edit the payment

  2. Under Stripe Payment Management, make sure the toggle is OFF

  3. Under Payment Method, choose ACH/Bank Draft

Stripe's ACH/Bank Draft Payment Processing Workflow

When ACH/bank draft payment details are entered by the client, all of this processing is conducted through Stripe. No financial information is stored within Releventful. All payment processing is completed within Stripe. Due to the nature of how financial information is processed via the payment processor, the Releventful Support Team will not be able to investigate why a payment has failed or is still in a processing status.

If you have a question about the status of an ACH/bank draft payment, please refer to Stripe's ACH Direct Debit documentation on the details of how payments are processed, the timing of payments and the overall workflow of how a payment is recorded.

When an ACH/bank draft payment is being processed by Stripe, it can take anywhere from 2-4 days to process and post as paid depending on the settlement type identified for the payment request.

Checking on the Status of an ACH/Bank Draft Payment

Due to the nature of sensitive information within a processing payment, Releventful will not reflect the details of where a processing payment is at in the process. You can however refer to your Stripe dashboard to look further into the status of a processing or failed payment.

If you have additional questions after referring to your Stripe dashboard, please contact the payment processing support team with the information below:

Reissue a Payment Request in Releventful

If you need to reissue a payment in Releventful, you will need to modify the original payment request that has not processed. Refer to the article below on the steps to update a processing a payment request:

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