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Connecting to a Payment Processor

Choose to receive payment through Stripe or Square

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Connecting to a Payment Processor

Take the following steps to create a new Stripe or Square account or connect your Releventful account with an existing Stripe or Square account.

  1. Click Settings in the side navigation to go to the account settings

  2. Click Payment Setup, then Payment Processor

  3. Select Stripe Payments or Square Payments and then click Update Payment Processor on the left-hand menu to update your processor

  4. Under the Connect to Stripe area on the right side of the screen, click Manage Account.

  5. Under Stripe Account Setup, click Connect with Stripe

  6. Or select Connect to Square to login with your credentials or create a new account

ℹ️ Note: clicking Manage Account for Stripe processing (see step 4) will select your default business brand and automatically scroll you to the Stripe Account Setup for that brand. If you would like to connect to a different Stripe account for your other brands, simply select your brand of choice and scroll to the bottom to connect to the Stripe account for that brand.

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