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Setting up Stripe Automatic Client Payments
Setting up Stripe Automatic Client Payments

Learn how to set up automatic payments in Releventful.

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Setting Up Automatic Payments

Stripe automatic payments are great way to simplify your interactions with your customer and reduce the amount of time you spend tracking them down for payments.

In Releventful, you can receive credit card or ACH/Bank Draft payments from your customer and have future payments paid automatically. You can choose from a combination of credit card and ACH/Bank Draft payments as listed below

Enrolling in Automatic Payments

Client Enrollment

If you have added payments to your invoice, your client will be presented with an option to enroll in automatic payments upon payment.

πŸ’‘Pro Tip: Enrolling your client in automatic payments has many benefits

  • Guaranteed payment

  • No need to follow up for payments, they are charged automatically

  • For recurring events, your client can be charged automatically and seamlessly creating a low friction interaction with your business.

Proxy Enrollment

You can enroll your client in automatic payments by

  1. Clicking on Preview in the invoice home screen

  2. Click on the Pay button on the invoice

  3. Fill out your clients Credit Card or ACH bank information

  4. Check the Enroll in automatic payments checkbox

  5. Submit the payment

❗Important: Once a client has enrolled in automatic payments, instead of the client being emailed about their payment, their account will be auto-charged instead. To manage automatic payments, use the configuration setting at the top of the payment edit window.

Automatic Payment Schedule

After the client enrolls in automatic payments, the payment will be automatically paid on the payment due date.

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