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Adding or Recording a Payment in an Invoice
Adding or Recording a Payment in an Invoice
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Adding or Recording a Payment in an Invoice

To add a payment to an invoice

  1. In the Invoice Home, click Manage payments from your customer to go to the Payment management page.

  2. Click Add, then choose either Add Payment Schedule or Add Payment

Payment Schedules

If you chose Add Payment Schedule your payment schedule will be added to the invoice.

ℹ️ Note: the payments in the payment schedule are automatically calculated based on the remaining balance of the invoice. As items are added to the invoice the payments will be automatically updated.

Manual Payments

If you chose Add Payment, then you are adding a manual payment.


Email or SMS reminders are automatically enabled for manual payments. To turn off reminders, click the mail button and choose Turn Reminders Off.

If Reminders are on, choose the type of reminder under How should your client be notified? The two options are Email or SMS.

Then under Note to Client, add your message. Your client will be notified to pay.

Don't see the How should your client be notified option? Chat with a Releventful team member by clicking the Help button in the bottom right hand corner of Releventful to add the SMS option to your plan.

Syncing the Payment to QuickBooks

If you would like to sync the payment to QuickBooks, click the Sync button (icon shown above) and choose sync payments to QuickBooks.

Receiving a Payment

To receive a payment from your customer

  1. For What Kind of Payment choose Receive a payment from your customer.

  2. For Payment Processor choose how you would like your client to send you payment.

Recording a Payment

To record a payment that your customer has made

  1. For What Kind of Payment choose Record a payment that has already been made.

  2. For Recorded Payment Type choose the method your client used to pay.

Payment Method (For Stripe only)

If you have set up both an ACH and Credit Card account with Stripe you can choose which type of payment to receive from your customer for each payment.

Allow a Client to Add a Tip

If you would like your client to be able to add a tip click into the payment and turn on the Allow Tips setting.

Payment Details

Fill out the remaining details and click Save to add the payment.

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