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Learn about Releventful's Payment processing.

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Our payment story...

Over time, we have supported a wide variety of payment processing platforms. Our conclusion? Not all payment platforms are created equal. We have found many of them to have terrible customer service, unethical business practices, and inconsistent performance. To ensure the best and most frictionless experience for our event professional customers, we have put in place the following criteria for the payment processing platforms we work with:

  • They are ethical in the way they do business.

  • They provide excellent customer service.

  • They are innovators and are keeping up with the ever-changing demands of how your clients like to pay.

  • They are not "buggy" and have a reliably consistent platform.

After years of deliberation and taking into account our customers' feedback, we are proud to present our 2 supported payment processors.

  • Stripe Payments

  • AND Square Payments

Stripe is our overall winner of the two platforms and as the winner we have invested into them primarily to integrate their payment platform with ours. Square is our second runner up.

Stripe Processing in Releventful

Our Stripe payment processing in Releventful boasts the largest support for both US and non-US based payments. They have stellar customer support, amazingly simple onboarding (you can be up and running within the day), and the simplest and most effective payment tools for you and your customer.

Stripe Processing Fees

Stripe processing fees vary by payment type and country. Check out their official processing fees page below.


What kind of payments are supported?

Stripe supports many kinds of payments ranging from credit cards, wallets, bank debits, bank drafts, buy-now, pay-later options and more. You can view and configure all of the payment types in your Stripe dashboard. We've listed out many of them here.

What currencies are supported?

We support all major currencies.

Does Releventful add any additional processing fees?

Yes, we add a .03% application fee to each payment transaction with a $5 fee cap. This means that we will never charge you more than $5 for a payment transaction. Our small processing fee helps us maintain and support our integration with Stripe.

For example, a for a payment of $3,000, the Releventful application fee would be $0.90 cents USD.

If I refund the payment within Releventful, will the Releventful application fee be refunded as well?

Absolutely, yes. We refund the application fee if you issue a refund to your customer.

Square Processing in Releventful

With Square payment processing, we support credit card payments only. While this may seem boring, it is a great compliment to any business that is already using Square for their on-site payment processing.

Square meets our criteria of a solid payment platform with history of innovation and we are excited to continue to enhance our integration with them in the years to come.

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