Setting Up Your Tax Rates

Releventful has a robust tax rate system that accommodates different business setups.

  1. Click on the settings icon in the side navigation (icon shown above)

  2. Click on Business Setup, then Tax Setup

To setup your tax rates, .

  1. Go to the account settings by clicking the Settings button in the side navigation

  2. Choose the Business Settings tab

  3. Under the Tax Types section are listed all of the supported tax types in Releventful. Edit the tax rates that you will need to apply for your business.

  4. To edit a Tax, click on

C:\Users\User\Documents\Projects\Releventful\2018\Go-live Marketing\training\icons\2019-01-05 09_35_50-localhost_8080_invoice_groups_1QVUT74INVS_edit.png

5. To add a Tax, click on

C:\Users\User\Documents\Projects\Releventful\2018\Go-live Marketing\training\icons\2019-01-09 09_26_35-localhost_8080_user_settings.png

6. Enter in the rates which apply and choose Save to save the tax rate.

Tax Percentage: Represents the base tax rate

Service tax: this usually applies to the food/catering industry where there is a service charge applied on top of the overall invoice total. For instance, if the invoice total is $10,000 and the service tax is 22.0%, then the service charge would be $2,200.

Service Tax Percent: This is a tax on the service charge. In the example above, if the service charge is 7.25%, then a 7.25% tax would be applied to the $2,200 service charge. The overall additional tax would be $159.5.

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