Setting Up Your Preferences

Your time zone preference is used in Releventful to set up all of the dates and times that display in Releventful and also to ensure that all scheduled emails are sent at the right time.

  1. Click on the settings icon in the side navigation (icon shown above)

  2. Click on Business Setup, then Time Zone / Locale

Choose Your Time zone

  1. The default time zone is US/Eastern, if this is your time zone, click the Accept Default Zone button.

  2. If your time zone is not US/Eastern, choose your time zone by selecting your time zone under Change Time Zone dropdown menu.

Choose Your Date Display Preference

The default date display preference is Month Day Year. You can change this default by a different format under the Change Date Format dropdown menu.

Choose Your Currency Symbol Preference

The default time zone currency symbol is ‘$’. You can change this default by choosing your currency preference under the Change Currency Symbol dropdown menu.

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