Releventful Playlist Management

In Releventful you can allow your clients to select their preferred songs straight from their portal. Once their song selections have been made, you can use our Playlist management tool to create and download the event playlist.

Releventful REMIX® Song Scanner

Releventful REMIX® Song Scanner is a tool that will allow you and all of your employees to scan your entire song library on your laptop or desktop computer.

What does the REMIX® Song Scanner Do?

The REMIX scanner will scan your main song directory (you'll tell us where it is) to get all of the song names and file paths in your song repository.

The REMIX service will then automatically match your client song selections to the songs you have in your song repository to create your M3U playlist files to use in Serato, iTunes or your tool of choice.

What the REMIX Scanner does NOT do

The REMIX scanner will NOT scan any other directory other than the one you provide.

The REMIX scanner will NOT take any files off of your computer.

Step 1: Setting Up REMIX® to Scan Your Library

To scan your song library for the first time

  1. Go to the portal home

  2. Click on Playlist

Event Playlist Management

The event playlist management section is where you can pull together your client’s song selections and your song selections to create your final day-of playlist to download.

Download the REMIX® Song Scanner

To download the REMIX® Song Scanner, do the following

  1. Click on Playlist, then Download REMIX Scanner

The download will start automatically and further instructions will display on the screen.

Run REMIX® Song Scanner

To run the REMIX® scanner, do the following

  1. Open the application, you will see the application that looks like this

Note: The red boxes were added for emphasis of the different fields you will need to take action on. You will not see the red boxes when you open the REMIX® Song Scanner.

C:\Users\User\Documents\Projects\Releventful\Training\icons\2019-07-31 11_25_03-localhost_8080_event_GFX54NS7YH_song-list.png

  1. In the Releventful User Login field, enter the user id or email address you use to login to Releventful

  2. Next, click on the Choose Directory… button in the All Songs Directory section.

  3. Choose the directory that all of your songs are in, click Save to set that directory.

C:\Users\User\Documents\Projects\Releventful\Training\icons\2019-07-31 11_28_42-ReleventfulSongScan.png

  1. The scan will begin automatically. You will see the number of songs scanned increase as the scan runs.

  2. Once the scan completes you can close the application.

Step 2: Create Your Event Song Playlist

After you have run the REMIX® Song Scanner all songs added to the Master List will be automatically matched.

There are 3 kinds of matches

  • Partial – REMIX® found a match, but it doesn’t have the same song name as the selected song

  • Exact – REMIX® found an exact match

  • No Match – REMIX® couldn’t find a song in your library that matches the selected song

The Event playlist Management module is broken up into 3 main sections

  1. Master List – this is the merge of your selections and your client selections

  2. Client Selections – this is the list of all of the song selections your client chose

  3. Explore – this is the listing of all of the songs you have imported or entered into the Song Manager (see “Getting started with the Song Manager”) for more information.

Adding Songs to the Master List

To add songs your client selected or any custom songs you would like to use, Click on Client Selections or Explore

  1. To add the songs to the master list, check on the Add to Master List checkbox

Note: To listen to any of the songs, click the play button

2. To add of your client song selections at once, check the Add All checkbox in the Client Selections section.

3. Once you have added all of the songs, click on Master List make more edits.

Reordering Songs on the Master List

  1. Click on Master List to view the master list

  2. Drag the song up or down in the list

Edit REMIX® Song Matches

To change the song match that the REMIX® scanner chose

  1. Click on Master List to view the master list

2. Click the edit button on the song you would like to view (icon shown above)

Under the Song File Details, there are the

  • Match Type – Partial, Exact, or No Match

  • Song Name – This will be the actual song file name the REMIX® scanner found on your laptop or desktop computer.

  • File Location – This is the path to the file on your computer. This file location will be used to in the M3U playlist file.

3. If the match is correct, click Confirm Match to tell the REMIX® scanner to always match that song

4. If you would like to find a different song match for your playlist, start typing the song name in the Search Your Library text area and choose the song from your computer’s song library that is a better match.

Edit Song Details & Timeline

To change the song match that the REMIX® scanner chose

  1. Click on Master List to view the master list

  2. Click the edit button on the song you would like to view

  3. Edit the Scheduled Time or Notes

  4. Click Save to save your edits

Step 3: Download Your Playlist

To download a the m3u playlist file to upload into Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor, iTunes or your tool of choice, click on Playlist, then Download Playlist.

The playlist download will contain all of the songs listed in the Master List with Partial and Exact matches from the REMIX® scanner.

ℹ️ Note: if no match could be found, the song will not be included in the playlist file.

Print a Copy of the Playlist

Click on Print to download a PDF version of the event playlist (icon shown above)

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